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Once we understand, all media build the realities which they present with their audiences.

Both of these types of critique often free as well as other times at chances with each other have actually significantly informed how exactly we have a look at today’s media. Within the sections that follow, it will be obvious that whenever working with LGBTQ news dilemmas, our company is perhaps maybe not coping with an individual entity that is monolithic but instead with diverse and diverse identities and experiences that react to news representations in various methods: what one team may think about fair, other people might find oppressive. We are going to, in subsequent sections, explore just how those two types of critique interact together so that you can tease out of the hidden definitions in a lot of the media that describes queer individuals, both queer and mainstream media to their relationships, and their experiences on earth.

Along with these different types of critique, key principles for news literacy may also be used to investigate queer representation in news. These generally include the maxims that:

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