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For Teenagers. Teen Dating Violence. What is teenager dating violence?

It really is violence or the danger of physical violence in a dating relationship. This physical violence may be intimate, real, verbal or psychological, or a mix of these.

So what does teen dating violence appearance like?

  • Checking your mobile phone or social network account (such as for instance facebook, myspace, etc. ) without permission
  • Constant put-downs/name-calling
  • Extreme insecurity or jealousy
  • Explosive mood
  • Monetary control
  • Isolating you against family members or buddies
  • Swift changes in moods
  • Physically harming you by any means
  • Managing your
  • Letting you know how to handle it

Maybe maybe maybe Not certain that your relationship is healthier? Take a look at these resources that are helpful break out the cycle, including kinds of Abuse together with energy and Control wheel.

How to proceed if you believe you will be experiencing teenager dating violence:

Touch base. Phone WEAVE’s 24-hour help and Suggestions Line 916.920.2952 and phone 911 if you’re in instant risk.

Keep in touch with some body:

Group and individual guidance covers subjects such as for instance healthier relationships, abusive relationships, the effect of news communications on teens, and learning communication that is assertive.

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