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Smok vape pen plus coils

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  • Vape Pen Plus Kit by SMOK

Item Description

The Vape Pen Plus Kit by SMOK is an all comprehensive kit that lets vapers have actually a session that is fulfilling. The pen comes with an airflow slot constructed into the human body of this unit to permit every draw to be enjoyed to its point that is fullest. This has in internal .25 ohm coil that is dual produces an ideal heating environment for e-liquids. The solitary key activation result in the pen easy to use and finally creates a convenient experience.

The capacity that is liquid the Vape Pen Plus is 4mL, therefore users should be able to have a good session before needing to refill these devices. Additionally, the 3000mAh that is rechargeable battery able to transport the product through a few uses before the need to be recharged. a part light display around the activation switch offer vapers with of good use information. Each and every time a draw it taken, the light blinks four times. 15 blinks through the light ensures that the pen should be connected in. Users will not be left guessing when their Vape Pen Plus may be out of energy.

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